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Simple Step to Make a Better Future

in Innovation

Waste nowadays has become the problem of everyone because both industries and households produce waste. If waste is not maintained properly, it will give negative effect to the environment like the bad scent and even water, air and land pollution. The word waste means the unused or unwanted materials from certain system or process.

Even though waste is unwanted and unused material and can damage the environment if it is not properly processed, waste can also bring some economical advantages if its processed, treated or recycled into reuse products. Of course only some types of waste can be transformed into those products like what is done by N-Viro. This company, like what is said in its website, NViro.com, is a waste to energy company which can treat, pasteurize, immobilize and convert waste water sludge and another bio-organic waste into some kind of fertilizer.

Besides changing the waste water into useful fertilizer, this company also concerns in producing renewable energy in form of fuel from the coal combustion industry waste which can be used as the alternative energy. This opportunity fuel has been tested and compared to other type of fuel and they both had the same result. If all the waste from all industries are treated this way, means that we can have healthier environment because clean coal is used everywhere and we don’t have to depend more to the main source of energy that we had used for all this time, oil.

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