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Frank Edward Piccolo Foundation

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Many philanthropists, nowadays, pay much more attention to the lives of others especially youth since the youth is believed to be the platform of next generation. They provide the youth with excellent education opportunities in colleges or universities. Moreover, they also use their wealth to help the medication of those who are poor.

Jim Piccolo, founder of Nouveau University and Nouveau Riche Real Estate Investment College, through The Frank Edward Piccolo Foundation together with other philanthropists has set their great purposes to help others. Therefore, Jim Piccolo and teams have made some charity programs that are intended for the poor and youth. You can go to frankedwardpiccolo.org/reaching_out.html for more information about the kinds of programs they made. Jim Piccolo and his students at Nouveau Riche also help the youth from Help4Teenz by sharing their stories of hope. He also helps Muhammad Ali’s Parkinson Centre by giving some donation.

The most important thing that Jim Piccolo and teams want to share through The Frank Edward Piccolo Foundation is that hope makes everything possible. This message is spread widely to youth. If you are interested in joining such charity programs, you can directly contact the foundation. You can be a part of the team that wants to share their wealth with others.

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  • Asslmualikum..Pak Arifin, piye kabare? Wah blognya sudah hebat nih. Kmrn terakhir berkunjung belum seperti ini. Sekarang bener2 sudah menjadi blog yang cukup menjanjikan.
    Ini pake wordpress, hostingnya juga berbayar?


    wekekeke, ane ga ngerti artinya mas. cari yg ane ngerti ah. dah lama banget ga kesini

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