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Once again, internet has brought something new to our lives, now we can earn for real money through the internet. All you have to do is watch for the numbers and graphs shown. All you have to have is a computer, connected o the internet, a very little amount of money, only about $5 to $10 as your “capital” and good decision making process. You can earn a lot of money if all of those things are well combined.

Yes you are going to play the online forex trading. Forex stands for foreign exchange, so this is simply buying and selling forex currency and get profit. The concept is that the price for selling and buying of certain forex currency is changing all the time, even it moves from second to second.

To be able to do this you have to understand first the tips and tricks in playing this money making game, because certain type of graphs will mean something and you have to sell or buy certain forex currency. In fabforex.com, you can have information about online forex, whether its about how to play online forex trading or just some information about the condition of forex market at certain time.

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  • Adx

    I want to try…but, how i start?

  • Awesome information… I have been wanting to do this forever… Glad to know there is some honest people out there trying to help others!

  • great information, forex is all down to the strategies and systems that you have set in place, i dont do too bad trading in forex, even given the current financial situation.

  • Trading is really simple, you just have to learn the basics, then set up an automatic trader. If you play your cards right, and get the right system, then you can atleast double your money within a month, sometimes even sooner.

  • Al

    Trading forex is the very risky and rewarding, so you have to be will to loose in order to win big. The key is winning consistantly.

  • Hi does u know something about etoro? Wanne trade with this online forex broker. So i need some informations about it. etoro. is it good?

  • I agree that trading currencies online is now easy, cheap, and fascinating. But as an active forex trader, I do not know anyone who has ever earned “real money” from the starting capital of $10. Even forex hedge funds usually do not earn more than 30% per year. With a starting capital of $10, it would make $3 per year:-) On the other hand, 30% of is much more than most of us can get from a bank. You just need to take forex trading seriously and invest a sensible amount of money.

  • No forex trading is without risk. You have to master first the strategies and tricks in playing kind of game.

    • Absolutely correct, strategy and trick are needed for playing forex trading

  • i think current financial situation is not the best time to do forex because it fluctuates too much and almost impossible to predict any trend

  • Yes you can make money trading forex, but you should practise for several months using a dummy platform offered by many forex brokers before opening a mini forex account. Remember to use stop losses to avoid losing all your money.

    • While you are absolutely right about using a demo trade account first Margaret I didn’t have the patience for months of practice and got a forex robot to speed things up.While it’s not trading at the advertised 95.9% winning rate it has never dropped below 80% so I had to trade for real.Take a look at the video it might speed things up for you and others.

  • it is interesting and i think worth to spend my time.Thank you

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